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What is Life Change?

Life Change is a workshop for those who desire to be equipped to make the choice for a significant change in their lives.
It's a place to be challenged in what you believe about yourself and what you have adopted as the "norm."
It's a place to find freedom from the wrong beliefs that hold us back.

How does it work?

This workshop designed to give each person, in a small group format, processes to walk through to discover areas in life that might be holding them back from a more intimate relationship with the Lord, and an understanding of who they really are in Christ. 

During a Life Change Workshop, we will help you...

• Realize the beliefs that you allow to control your life and your decision-making.
• Expose the lies that are keeping you from the life God has for you.
• Open yourself up to God and His heart for you.
• Discover core issues that are standing in the way of real
   and lasting breakthrough.
• Be honest with yourself, your community, and with God.
• Break down the barriers that you may not know are there.
• Confront your fears and CONQUER them

Next Workshop:

March 16th & 17th

Contact the Life Church office for an application at 503.362.0362
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Workshop Schedule 
2:00pm-10:00pm ~ Workshop
8:30am-10:00pm ~ Workshop
The workshop MAY end earlier or later than 10:00pm - that is just an approximation.

TEEN Life Change...
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Upcoming Workshop Dates:
March 16th & 17th

What participants have said about Life Change

Life Change Testimonies

Angie’s Testimony

I was raped & robbed of my virginity in September 1989 when I was 15. My mother found out and blamed me, saying, "You could have prevented it."

Two months after my rape, I was nearly killed at a party by a bullet that was three inches from hitting me. Instead, I watched one of my close friends die right next to me. A couple months after that, I tried to kill myself with prescription medication and any other hands-on meds we had in the house. My mom never sought out help for me, and continued to show a strong lack of love towards me. 

I never talked to anyone about it until I shared it with my husband in 1993. When I talked to him, it was at the same level that I am describing to you now. In my HEAD, because I talked about it, it must mean I got healed. I cannot express how wrong that thought was. My daughter was born September 1994, same month as my rape but 5 years after.... One of THE most difficult things I faced since my rape.

These last 21 years have been a dark private battle within me. I never truly talked to anyone and with my daughter turning 16 this last September, it sent me into a downward spiral of guilt, shame and a total feeling of "not good enough."

I told my husband that I didn't want to live anymore and I started looking for ways to say goodbye to all those that loved me. Keep in mind, that although all that darkness was inside me, I was always a very positive person on the outside. I laughed a lot, joked a lot, and LOVED a lot! I showered those around me with affection because it was what I needed so badly when inside... I was dead.

A friend of mine took me to lunch and told me very little about Life Change, but she said it was a truly life-changing experience and asked if I would go. I said yes, without even thinking. There are really no words to explain what going through Life Change did for me....except FREEDOM. God freed me from ALL that pain and all that guilt and shame I had inside for so many years. He replaced the emotional and physical pain with strong warmth in my heart and spirit. It seems impossible but the Scripture I've read a million times over before, makes total sense to me now "....With man this IS impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matt 19:26

Butch's Testimony

I was freed from a fear-based lie dynamic in my life. It was peacemaking at the expense of the truth. I wanted to smooth over confrontations without facing the unpleasant details. It was a form of lying which, I believe, left me open to deception.
Revelation and courage were instrumental in my freedom. It was a humbling privilege to walk through Life Change with 8 other brothers and sisters with the help of the facilitators. A real blessing.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How long is the workshop?  Life Change is a time commitment of Friday, starting at 2:00pm, and all day and evening Saturday(8:30am-10pm).

• Where is it held?  Life Church, 255 College Dr NW, Salem, OR 97304

• How much does it cost?  The registration fee is  $100.  Scholarships may be available upon request. Please communicate this on your application.

• How do I register?  CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE NEXT WORKSHOP! Or Download the application today here. 

• How often are these workshops available?  Life Change is held several times a year.  Click here for current workshop dates.

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