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What is Life Change?

Life Change is a workshop for those who desire to be equipped to make the choice for a significant change in their lives.
It's a place to be challenged in what you believe about yourself and what you have adopted as the "norm."
It's a place to find freedom from the wrong beliefs that hold us back.

How does it work?

This workshop designed to give each person, in a small group format, processes to walk through to discover areas in life that might be holding them back from a more intimate relationship with the Lord, and an understanding of who they really are in Christ. 

During a Life Change Workshop, we will help you...

• Realize the beliefs that you allow to control your life and your decision-making.
• Expose the lies that are keeping you from the life God has for you.
• Open yourself up to God and His heart for you.
• Discover core issues that are standing in the way of real
   and lasting breakthrough.
• Be honest with yourself, your community, and with God.
• Break down the barriers that you may not know are there.
• Confront your fears and CONQUER them

Upcoming Workshops:

Nov. 16th & 17th

2019 dates coming soon!


Contact the Life Church office for an application at 503.362.0362
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Workshop Schedule 
The workshop MAY end earlier or later than 10:00pm - that is just an approximation.

TEEN Life Change...
If you want to see this for teens, please contact us!

What participants have said about Life Change

Frequently Asked Questions

• How long is the workshop?  Life Change starts on Friday at 2:00pm and continues Saturday from 8:30 am to 10:00pm.

• Where is it held?  At Life Church, 255 College Dr NW, Salem, OR 97304

• How much does it cost?  The registration fee is $100.  Scholarships may be available upon request. Please communicate this on your application.

• How do I register?  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! Or Download the application here. 

• How often are these workshops available?  Life Change is held several times a year.  Click here for current workshop dates.

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Phone: 503-362-0362

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5350 Salem, OR 97304

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